Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Contact editor UI changes

Hi Anna,

> > How do we do the "remove picture" functionality? I'm thinking a popup
> > menu on right clicking the image (which could also have a "set image"
> > option, so you aren't forced to do drag/drop), but it might not be
> > optimal in terms of usability.
> A couple of questions.
> First, in the current implementation, what is the mechanism by which an
> image is added? I thought that one would click the image, and launch a
> file selector from there -- is that in keeping with your expectations?
Currently the only way to add an image to a contact is to drag and drop
the image file from nautilus. There is no way I know of to remove an
> Second, can you help me understand the case you have in mind
> corresponding to the user needing to remove the picture? Is it "My
> sister got a new haircut, and I want to update my contact information
> for her to use a new picture which shows off this haircut.. so I need to
> remove my current picture and add a new one"? or is it "I don't like my
> friend Jenny's picture, and I've decided that I don't want to use a
> picture in her address card anymore."
I would say the latter case.
> Because the first case (user just needs to update the picture) doesn't
> need any additional gui; the user just clicks the image again to specify
> a new file...

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