Re: [Evolution-hackers] Contact editor UI changes

Hi Hans,

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 17:53, Hans Petter Jansson wrote:
> What's the consensus on the required UI changes for the contact editor?
> I guess we're adding the home page URL entry. Are we also removing the
> blog entry?
If we're only going to have 4 Web address fields I would say removing
Blog makes the most sense, though how many people have a permanent web

The other option is to change the Web addresses to behave like the
Telephone fields. IE have more types of Web addresses than fields in the
dialog and let the user can select which types of Web addresses he
wants. Probably too much work at this point though. 
> How do we do the "remove picture" functionality? I'm thinking a popup
> menu on right clicking the image (which could also have a "set image"
> option, so you aren't forced to do drag/drop), but it might not be
> optimal in terms of usability.
Why not just have clicking on the image area in the contact editor
dialog bring up a generic Select file dialog? Like the one in the import
assistant for example. Is that too much work at this point? 

The only required additional control in the Select file dialog would be
a "Remove image" button, which would only be active if there were
already an image associated with the contact. Though a control to
preview the image in the Select file dialog the would be nice.

Also could we make the image area in the contact editor look more like a
control? Say have it be raised like a button? Right now it's not very
obvious that you can even do anything with it, let alone how you use it.
> What are good defaults for the option menu fields (phone, IM, e-mail)?
> Chosen from the options presented by evolution.
The phone defaults for 1.4 (Business, Home, Business fax and Mobile)
still seem fine to me. Maybe move Mobile up to the top of the list? For
the Telephone fields I would like to return to the 1.4 behavior so that
evolution can store more than 4 phone numbers with a contact.

For IM I think having at least one default to Groupwise might not be a
bad idea ;).
> Do you prefer to make the glade changes yourself, or do you want me to
> do it?
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