[Evolution-hackers] Re: Contact editor UI changes

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 16:53 -0500, Hans Petter Jansson wrote:
> What's the consensus on the required UI changes for the contact editor?
> I guess we're adding the home page URL entry. Are we also removing the
> blog entry?


> How do we do the "remove picture" functionality? I'm thinking a popup
> menu on right clicking the image (which could also have a "set image"
> option, so you aren't forced to do drag/drop), but it might not be
> optimal in terms of usability.

A couple of questions.

First, in the current implementation, what is the mechanism by which an
image is added? I thought that one would click the image, and launch a
file selector from there -- is that in keeping with your expectations?

Second, can you help me understand the case you have in mind
corresponding to the user needing to remove the picture? Is it "My
sister got a new haircut, and I want to update my contact information
for her to use a new picture which shows off this haircut.. so I need to
remove my current picture and add a new one"? or is it "I don't like my
friend Jenny's picture, and I've decided that I don't want to use a
picture in her address card anymore."

Because the first case (user just needs to update the picture) doesn't
need any additional gui; the user just clicks the image again to specify
a new file...

> What are good defaults for the option menu fields (phone, IM, e-mail)?
> Chosen from the options presented by evolution.

Can I get back to you later on today, after I have a chance to think
about this a bit more? 

> Do you prefer to make the glade changes yourself, or do you want me to
> do it?

Generally I prefer to do it, but I don't have Evo checked out from CVS.
If you can send me the exact file that you are working from, I'm happy
to edit it for you. 

(Please do send it along, actually -- there are a few little layout
tweaks that I'd like make to its expand/fill behavior. Not to mention
that there are about 60 accelerators that I need to add. :) 


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