Re: [Evolution-hackers] LDAP search help

On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 13:26 +0800, Steven Zhang wrote:
> Anybody can help me here?
> I am using Evo 1.4.5  in Red Hat now. But  met some problem about ldap 
> search.
> 1,  what is the meaning of category in ldap search,  how to use the 
> category in search?

you need entries on the ldap server with categories.  you'll need to
load evolutionPerson.schema to get them.

> 2, if I wanna to create a expression, such like phonenumber=800*, how 
> can I create such expressions? can I search by phonenumber or 
> postaladdress in evolution?

You can't enter ldap filters directly into the ui.  You can build up
sexp's yourself, but that's not a supported mechanism and it might
break..  but for "phonenumber=800*" you'd want '(beginswith
"telephoneNumber" "800")'.  Keep in mind though, that "telephoneNumber"
is the user's Work Phone as far as evo is concerned.  It's not some meta
"search all phone numbers" thing.

Postal address querying should work the same way, except with
"postalAddress" instead of "telephoneNumber."

But as I said, direct sexp queries aren't supported and the format may
change, etc, etc.

> 3, when I use "any field contains" option to search, I do found that 
> only email or name search supported, I can not get any result when I 
> input mobile or postal address.

It might be that you have searching turned off except on those
attributes.  The ldap backend generates an enormous query for "any field
contains" and I can assure you it includes all attributes the ldap
backend knows about.  Have you looked at e-book-backend-ldap.c?


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