[Evolution-hackers] Addressbook LDAP source UI

ESource changes and named properties committed.

Now I have a question about addressbook LDAP source configuration, the
answer to which will affect how the code is structured: 

Currently LDAP sources are configured in Evolution preferences
(tools->settings->directory servers), and this makes little sense in
relation to the "new addressbook" dialog you get from the folder list's
context menu.

There are two obvious ways to handle this:

1) Let "new addressbook" do local addressbooks only. Less work, poorer

2) Integrate LDAP source setup into the "new addressbook" dialog somehow
- for instance, if the user creates an LDAP source, the druid could pop
up prompting for further information [although we might want to do it in
the same dialog - requires thought]. More work, better UI. We could
leave the Directory Servers configuration in, since it lets you edit
existing entries.

What do you prefer? I'm sure you (at least JP and Chris) have thoughts
on this. I'd like to hear them.

Hans Petter

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