[Evolution-hackers] Port my apps to 2.0

Hi Guys,
I will be looking into porting my apps, send mail from alarm ..
freebusy, to evolution 2.0.
I have a few questions before I start:

Which cvs tree should I use, evolution or evolution-data-server?

Do I still need to extend Evolution-Component and get the Composer from
the shell/mailer, i.e. run it under the shell like it was necessary in
1.4.X? Or did anybody provide a generic way for 2.0 to get components,
if so please explain? I would also like to use the Composer from
OpenOffice via a Java/C++ extension that way.

On a site note. I gave a talk about evolution last month and got
"grilled" about the groupwise connection. The person asked was an admin
who works for the county I live in, asking for the county which already
uses Linux. I pointed him to this mailing list and the cvs entry, with
the comment that it seems somebody is working on it and there might be a
chance for official 2.X support. Just a friendly comment that there
seems to be commercial interest in it.

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