Re: [Evolution-hackers] Port my apps to 2.0

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 19:47, Ronald Kuetemeier wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I will be looking into porting my apps, send mail from alarm ..
> freebusy, to evolution 2.0.
> I have a few questions before I start:
> Which cvs tree should I use, evolution or evolution-data-server?
you need both of them for evolution 2.0

> On a site note. I gave a talk about evolution last month and got
> "grilled" about the groupwise connection. The person asked was an admin
> who works for the county I live in, asking for the county which already
> uses Linux. I pointed him to this mailing list and the cvs entry, with
> the comment that it seems somebody is working on it and there might be a
> chance for official 2.X support. Just a friendly comment that there
> seems to be commercial interest in it.
it is right now in the works, in the evolution-data-server module, so
should be ready soon.


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