[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes 11/23

1. JP
JP discussed the fact we should not be added any more features to
Evolution at this time.  There is one exception, the "me" concept in the

JP discussed having the hacker meetings more open to the rest of the

JP pointed out the new public website that Evolution hackers can update:

errata: first tarball date is Dec. 1st not 6th

2. Team

Discussed status:

Chris: S/MIME work, db import for e-d-s.  Finishing up S/MIME support.

Radek: Work on auto save, junk filtering.  Moving on to filtering on
IMAP as well.

Hans: Work on configuration changes for backends to take sources instead
of URIs.  Now adding named properties to ESource and adding general
configuration to addressbook.

Rodrigo: Calendar operations (new/copy/remove) are now all restored.
Basic SOAP handling added back to libsoup, continuing with GroupWise
backend work.

Ettore: Adding back command line uri handling, added centralized upgrade
handling. Moving on to finishing up new status bar stuff (every
component will be able to export their own status bar control now) and
offline handling.

Mike: C# bindings in place for addressbook and most of calendar,
manipulating iCalendar objects without binding libical is the problem.

Jeff: New folder tree in and working, DnD now works.  Now going to fix
multiple views bug, per folder settings and state saving

Michael: One day of fixing left for S/MIME stuff, moving on to ensuring
migration works properly and cleaning up camel for better spam and trash

Tim: Addressbook and Tasks still need to some additional work to get to
a more useable state, mailer doing the best.  Continuing on with

Mark: Various snapshot platforms installable, continuing on with

Rodney: Snapshots building for stable on 6 platforms and 5 for unstable.

Gerardo: Moving away old bugs from 1.0.x and 1.2.x milestones, set up
1.5.x milestones

Discussed items that could impact the time line:
a. Per folder table configuration in the mailer, the view code changed
and this needs to be investigated, but e-table should handle it no

b. Menu redesign (for better HIG compliance), maybe not be implementable
in time, has to be assessed this week

c. Export controls for each folder types need to be working

d. Recurrence handling (the recurrence-id stuff is not quite handled
properly yet)

e. Mail migration, large mail boxes could be lengthy to move since we
are using the camel operations (so it gets indexed and such
immediately), potentially needs some more hacking time

3. Other business

Discussed doing a 1.4.6 release, we will do it when we confirm the
filter to pipe bug is fixed (Red Hat 7.3) and Ettore's composer window
size patch are in.  Also some fixes for working with GroupWise's IMAP.

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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