[Evolution-hackers] Header selection option

Hey guys

I'm taking a look at the header selection bounty 
entry.. not really fussed about the money aspect, 
but it'd be a cool feature.

I've added a tab to the mail preferences dialog,
working on the CVS version of Evo. Just wanted 
to get some feedback on the design so I don't 
get the patch rejected :-)

I'm thinking of making similar to the vFolders 
dialog - you click the Add button and an entry 
appears in the list, and you can edit the 
entry within the list - no extra dialog pops up. 
So no need for an extra "Edit" button. The 
Up and Down buttons seem redundant in an initial 
version as well, so I'll leave them out.

Having a bit of trouble getting it to look 
right in Glade, and thought I'd check I had 
the right idea.


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