Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution and CVS

El mar, 18-11-2003 a las 13:40, JP Rosevear escribió:
> I have change libical from being a virtual module to being directly
> included so it could be cvs remove'd.  If you have an existing check out
> (of any branch or the mainline), 'rm -rf libical' and 'cvs up'.
> (libical resides in evolution-data-server now).

I see that libical is referenced in calendar/ but libical is
not there.

[fcatrin shamancito calendar]$ ls
backends  ChangeLog  CVS  idl  libecal  libedata-cal

[fcatrin shamancito calendar]$ cat
SUBDIRS = libical idl libecal libedata-cal backends

So I'm getting:

calendar/ required directory calendar/libical does not

(this in the main trunk)

Do I have to do anything special to get libicalendar?

I've seen your message and I tried cvs up, also with -dP flags with no

Franco Catrin L.

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