Re: [Evolution-hackers] db3 and db4

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 16:33, JP Rosevear wrote:
> In order to make evolution and evolution-data-server easier to build, we
> are trying to cut out the external db3 dependency on a specific
> version.  So, I'm planning to import db3 into the tree.  However, Dan
> pointed out that we might want to import the latest db4 so that distros
> and platforms (for instance netbsd, fink do right now, suse did at one
> point) that didn't do this are covered.

There are definitely good points to this, since it basically means that
I can stop doing it myself ;-)  Berkeley DB is largely intended as an
embedded database and so their concern for keeping the on-disk database
format the same is less than other software.  

The other suggestion of dynamically linking to the system db4 is going
to be problematic because I might have db 4.2 on a machine running one
OS release and db 4.3 on a different machine and use a shared homedir. 
At that point, I can only use the addressbook on one machine.

Of course, the *real* win would be moving away from Berkeley DB
completely ;-)

My $0.02,


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