[Evolution-hackers] we prefer review the a11y patches all at once when merging

Hi, Ettore

> BTW if you prefer we can review the patches all at once when you merge
> the branch into the mainline, instead of having to go through approval
> for each of them.  But if you prefer us to review them as you write
> them, we are also happy to do that.
For a11y part of codes which are generally under the a11y subdir, we all
prefer that you review all the patches when merging happens. We plan to
do merging once a month because we do not want to leave the HEAD too
far.  The a11y feature is very important to us, we hope it can always
work well with other part of evolution. Also, the patches which need
review will not be too many, so could you be kindly review them in a not
long time? Say, how about in one week? :-)

Anyway, as we said before, the patches for keyboard navgation bugs will
go to HEAD directly and will seek review immediately. We also wish the
patches could get a little sooner reviewing, is one week okay too? :-)

Thanks a lot.

> Thanks!
> Bye,
> -- Ettore
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