Re: [Evolution-hackers] we prefer review the a11y patches all at once when merging

Hi Gilbert,

> For a11y part of codes which are generally under the a11y subdir, we all
> prefer that you review all the patches when merging happens. We plan to
> do merging once a month because we do not want to leave the HEAD too
> far.  The a11y feature is very important to us, we hope it can always
> work well with other part of evolution. 

Yeah, makes sense.

> Also, the patches which need
> review will not be too many, so could you be kindly review them in a not
> long time? Say, how about in one week? :-)

OK, we'll try to be more responsive than we have been in the past,
especially now that we are beginning to look into the post-1.4

> Anyway, as we said before, the patches for keyboard navgation bugs will
> go to HEAD directly and will seek review immediately.

OK.  Please note that we are now branched, so patches suitable for 1.4.x
(e.g. keyboard navigation) should go both to HEAD and
evolution-1-4-branch, while the more advanced ones should go to HEAD

-- Ettore

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