[Evolution-hackers] gtkhtml question w/ widget show/hide


I generate a html page and that page contains either embedded objects
and/or iframes.

If i change the visibility of the widgets embedded, or the iframes
(using gtk_widget_show/hide), they properly appear/dissapear as
expected.  However you're just left with a big blank hole.

Is this just a feature which isn't done and/or is there a workaround for
it.  I tried poking htmlobject::relayout and
htmlengine::schedule_update, but they didn't go anywhere.

What about resizing widgets too (e.g. embed a gtkhtml but write
different content to it later on?).

You can probably see where i'm going here - i'm trying to have a
mail-display that we never have to 'redisplay', at least not from the
top layer.


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