Re: [Evolution-hackers] our plan to do on evoltuion accessibility work

Hi, Ettore and hackers

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 03:15, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> Hi Gilbert,
> >   It is better that the  UAE part patches are  directly into the header,
> > and we will be sure to  carefully create high quality patches so that
> > they will not reduce the stablitity.   Since  it is an open community,
> > we really want all the people know all the work ASAP and get active
> > discuss and feedback quickly.  
> OK.  This is going to happen in a few months, right?
In fact, we have already done some work on it.  My patch for bug #41826:
"Minicard view can't be focused with keyboard" has been waiting more
than half a month.  And York has just sent out an patch to enable cursor
when reading mail. 
  I am sure more and more such patches will come soon.

>   In order not to affect the header too much and improve the
> we prefer to create an branch  out  specially for our ASE work. There
> will be many patches for review.  After some time , say 2 or 3 week,
> will get the branch built and have a smoke test, if it is stable
> we hope the codes can be merged into the header.  


Then can  we branch it now? Or could you tell me who is in charge of
doing such a branching?  I just completed the ASE initialization codes
(bug 44592) , could you tell  me  who is th most suitable one  to send
patch to for reviewing? 

> >   Another issue is bug managment. Could you kindly add in bugzilla an
> > component named "accessibility" under the product "evolution"? That will
> > make us convenient file bugs and track bugs for ASE work. If you do not
> > want be bothered by the bugs in this component, we can be the default
> > owner for these bugs.
> Yeah, that would be perfect.

Then could you tell me who can I contact to add such an component and
what is the process ? An QA engineer has joined our project and she may
want track all bugs on our working.
> >    At last,  I suggest that before the branch of evolution ,  I mean the
> > on current header, we add the new sub directory "a11y" and the ASE
> > initialization codes.  The initialzation of ASE will check whether  the 
> > GNOME  accessibility is enabled, and if so, check  the validity of ASE
> > dynamic library and load it.  It is an framework so I hope all community
> > developer knows that and may give us good suggestions. I will submit the
> > patch quickly  to the evolution-hackers.
> What's the purpose of committing this now?  Isn't it good enough to
> develop this on a branch for now?
The main reason is to make an clear separation between ASE part and the
main part of evolution. I just send out the patch. If the header has
this patch, it will be easy for developer to add new files under a11y
without touch the other part and the merging will be easy too. 

Sorry to  ask you too many questions. I just can not waiting to write

And the best appreciation to you!


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