Re: [Evolution-hackers] our plan to do on evoltuion accessiblity work

Hi Gilbert,

>   It is better that the  UAE part patches are  directly into the header,
> and we will be sure to  carefully create high quality patches so that
> they will not reduce the stablitity.   Since  it is an open community,
> we really want all the people know all the work ASAP and get active
> discuss and feedback quickly.  

OK.  This is going to happen in a few months, right?

>   Anyway, ASE part  is generally be seen as an optional feature, so we
> suggest adding  an build option "--enable-accessibility=yes|no". Then
> the developer can have an choice to decide whether or not to build  this
> part.  It is also an general way to reduce the risks of un-stability of
> the whole product while developing new feature.

OK, although this stuff should not go into the mainline since it's going
to be a fair amount of new code.  

>   For evolution, we also need to  create an new subdirectory under the
> top_level source directory for ASE. Generally, it can be named "a11y",
> and under it, there may be  another level of subdirectory for different
> part, like "a11y/calendar", "a11y/addressbook".  GAL and GTKHTML have
> already such sub directories.

Sounds good.

>   In order not to affect the header too much and improve the efficiency,
> we prefer to create an branch  out  specially for our ASE work. There
> will be many patches for review.  After some time , say 2 or 3 week, we
> will get the branch built and have a smoke test, if it is stable enough,
> we hope the codes can be merged into the header.  


>   Another issue is bug managment. Could you kindly add in bugzilla an
> component named "accessibility" under the product "evolution"? That will
> make us convenient file bugs and track bugs for ASE work. If you do not
> want be bothered by the bugs in this component, we can be the default
> owner for these bugs.

Yeah, that would be perfect.

>    At last,  I suggest that before the branch of evolution ,  I mean the
> on current header, we add the new sub directory "a11y" and the ASE
> initialization codes.  The initialzation of ASE will check whether  the 
> GNOME  accessibility is enabled, and if so, check  the validity of ASE
> dynamic library and load it.  It is an framework so I hope all community
> developer knows that and may give us good suggestions. I will submit the
> patch quickly  to the evolution-hackers.

What's the purpose of committing this now?  Isn't it good enough to
develop this on a branch for now?

-- Ettore

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