Re: [Evolution-hackers] our plan to do on evoltuion accessibility work


> In fact, we have already done some work on it.  

Awesome.  :-)

> My patch for bug #41826:
> "Minicard view can't be focused with keyboard" has been waiting more
> than half a month.  

I forget why this didn't make it to 1.4.0.  It seems like a simple
enough patch to make it to 1.4.1 to me.  Chris, what do you think?

> And York has just sent out an patch to enable cursor
> when reading mail. 

Larry and Radek should be reviewing this soonish.

> Then can  we branch it now? Or could you tell me who is in charge of
> doing such a branching?  I just completed the ASE initialization codes
> (bug 44592) , could you tell  me  who is th most suitable one  to send
> patch to for reviewing? 

You can create a branch yourself on CVS.  Usually we use uppercase
underscored names (e.g. EVOLUTION_1_4_0) for tags, and lowercase dashed
names ending with "-branch" for branches (e.g. evolution-1-2-branch).

So I'd suggest something like evolution-a11y-branch or so for the name.

> Then could you tell me who can I contact to add such an component and
> what is the process ? An QA engineer has joined our project and she may
> want track all bugs on our working.

Actually, I think I have changed my mind on that.  :-)

I think we should be using keywords, just like does. 
So I have added a "accessibility" keyword and a "keynav" keyword for
tracking these bugs down; this makes it consistent with what the GNOME
a11y folks are used to, and also helps distinguishing issues by

Please let me know if this works for you.

> The main reason is to make an clear separation between ASE part and the
> main part of evolution. I just send out the patch. If the header has
> this patch, it will be easy for developer to add new files under a11y
> without touch the other part and the merging will be easy too. 

This shouldn't go into stable, simply because it doesn't fix any bugs. 
:-)  We can put this patch in whenever we merge the rest of the a11y
branch as well.

You will be working off the a11y branch anyways, so it shouldn't make a
difference for you?..

> Sorry to  ask you too many questions. I just can not waiting to write
> codes.

Cool.  Happy hacking!  :-)

-- Ettore

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