Re: [Evolution-hackers] Proposed Keyboard Navigation for Evolution Mail Reader and Calendar

Il mer, 2003-06-04 alle 14:57, Ettore Perazzoli ha scritto:

> > Again, I know you're copying Outlook here, but just be aware that the
> > GNOME HIG suggests that Alt+<symbol> shouldn't generally be used for
> > shortcuts, only for label mnemonics.  Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift are the
> > preferred modifiers for shortcuts.

This is not just a matter of copying Outlook, it is also a matter of
sheer size; we already have 23 letters of the English language bound to
various "Ctrl"-modified shortcuts. If we also bind operations as
discussed above to the Ctrl key, we are very quickly going to run out of
letters to use. (Which will make adding new menuitems very difficult,

What the HIG says verbatim is: 
      * Use Ctrl-letter in preference to other combinations when
        choosing new shortcut keys.
      * Use Shift-Ctrl-letter for functions that reverse or extend
        another function. For example, Ctrl-Z and Shift-Ctrl-Z for Undo
        and Redo.
      * Do not use Ctrl-number or numbered function keys as shortcut
        keys, unless the number has some obvious relevance to the action
      * Do not use Alt-key combinations for shortcut keys, as these may
        conflict with window manager or menu access keys.

The HIG is not very specific about what key combinations might be
quasi-preferable, if the Ctrl-based ones are taken.. Ctl+non-letters?

Calum: what is the perceived cost of using "Alt+letter" shortcuts,
beyond the cautions indicated above? (They may conflict with WM
shortcuts, and they may conflict with menu accelerators.) Specifically,
is your main concern possible user confusion about the presence of a new
modifier, or, is your main concern preventing possible menu conflicts?

It would seem to me that pedantically sticking to the HIG's
use-ctrl-keys edict, we're going to end up with some shortcuts that are
unnecessarily difficult to remember and use. We're also going to have a
huge headache whenever we try to add a new menuitem which requires a
shortcut...and if we have to change a shortcut, we're going to see a
domino effect of shortcut changes across the UI, since the Ctrl key is
so oversubscribed these days.

On the other hand, we have very few (~7) single letters which are
currently used in conjunction with the Alt key...and we add new
top-level menus very infrequently. This makes the "Alt" key look like a
seductive modifier to me...especially if there were a firm distinction
between operations which use it and operations which don't. 

What do you think?

Anna Marie Dirks <anna ximian com>

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