Re: [Evolution-hackers] Proposed Keyboard Navigation for Evolution Mail Reader and Calendar

Hi Calum,

thanks for reviewing this stuff.

On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 09:40, Calum Benson wrote:
> > Function			Mozilla	Outlook		Proposed
> > Turn on/off caret mode	F7	always on	F7
> Is there a good reason why Evolution shouldn't do the same as Outlook
> here, and just have this feature turned on all the time?  F7 is kind of
> an obscure shortcut, and you'd probably want to add a menu item and/or a
> preference for this setting as well if it was optional.  So it would be
> nice if it just always worked, if that didn't cause any other problems. 
> (Perhaps you should also ask about this particular feature on
> gnome-accessibility-list, there may be other issues with it I'm not
> aware of).

Yeah, I think this makes sense; I like the way it works in Outlook.

On the other hand, this might be a bit of a large behavioral change for
1.4 -- so it might have to go into the yet-to-be-defined post-1.4

[Alt + direction keys]
> I realise you're trying to follow the Outlook shortcuts here.  But just
> as a side-note, using Ctrl instead of Alt would probably be a more
> HIG-compliant solution for these shortcuts, if they're not already used
> for something else.  I guess that's a decision for whoever decides how
> much you need to copy the Outlook shortcuts though :)

Maybe we can make both work?

> > Switch to working week view 	
> > Alt + r
> > Switch to day view 	
> > Alt + y
> Again, I know you're copying Outlook here, but just be aware that the
> GNOME HIG suggests that Alt+<symbol> shouldn't generally be used for
> shortcuts, only for label mnemonics.  Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift are the
> preferred modifiers for shortcuts.

Hm, yeah I somehow missed this.  I think we should avoid using
Alt-letter since it would conflict with the HIG rules too badly.

-- Ettore

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