[Evolution-hackers] Can't add comment to bugzilla.

Hi, there,
I want to add the following comment to bug 43743. But there is always an error page, no matter how many time I logged in.

Error msg is:
 The name is not a valid username. Either you misspelled it, or the person has not registered for a Bugzilla account.

Please hit the Back button and try again. If you are certain your login is correct, try clicking 'log in' on the bottom of this page and then returning to the bug. Sorry for the inconvenience; we're working on the bug.


My comment is:
I just built evolution 1.3.92 with libgnomeprint-2.2.0 and
libgnomeprintui-2.2.1, on solaris 8. There is no crash in my case,
just give a message "No visible output was created.".

So reporter, what compiler did you use? gcc? Here is a patch list,
please confirm if you have them installed.
108987-09 108528-14 108606-28 108652-64 108773-17 108827-34 108921-15
108923-01 108974-25 108977-01 108989-02 110380-04 110934-07 111111-03
111293-04 111310-01 112396-02 112438-01 113128-02 113242-01 113261-01
113415-01 114485-01

Who can help?


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