[Evolution-hackers] Re: [evolution-patches] Re: GAL status

[Moving to the hackers list since it seems more appropriate.]

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 06:07, Gilbert Fang wrote:
>   It seems evolution 2.0 will be the next target although there is no
> schedule for it. Is there still an evolution 1.6 release ?

No...  It looks like there are enough important changes on the plate to
warrant a major number increase.  :-)

>   Is that true that currently in the HEAD, you are  begin now to remove
> the gal dependency while not sure when to finish? 

Nobody has started any of that work yet.  However, we should aim for

>   It is important to us, because if the changes begins to happen now, we
> have to re-schedule our plan now, and if the changes may  change after
> evo1.6 if there will be one half a year later, we may or maynot
> reschedule our tasks.

Nod.  I guess the main question is: by when do you want to have an
accessible Evolution release?

With the changes we have been discussing on 2.0, we are probably talking
something pretty long term, i.e. first half of 2004...

> Anyway, the changes is not bad, because the more widgets based on gtk,
> the less the community should do for a11y.

Yeah, that's actually another good reason for ditching the custom
widgets in GAL.

-- Ettore

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