Re: [Evolution-hackers] summary - news removal

I think the solution to your problem is to have an rss/news aggregator

for GNOME that integrates very nicely with the desktop and provides a
good UI for browsing the news. It's not really something that belongs in
an e-mail/groupware client. But if there were a nice thing that
integrated well with the desktop to read news, it wouldn't be an issue.

For what it's worth, I'm going to write on today or tomorrow, and will
post the URL for it here when I'm done. :)

-- dobey

On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 09:30, Marius Andreiana wrote:
> Hi
> The 2.0 UI proposal asked about summary news removal. I'd like to
> comment from the point of view of regular user who surfs the web and
> reads mail and news.
> The news headlines are very useful in evolution, which I check every few
> hours. Read mail, see news, all in one place. Why start/close two
> different programs all the time?
> I agree the weather support it's not important, I don't need to see it
> several times per day, only when going to a trip.
> Please don't remove news feed support.
> Thank you,

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