Re: [Evolution-hackers] Notes/Memos component for Evolution?

--- Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo ximian com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 07:31, Nathan Owens wrote:
> > I think I'll implement a parser for the memo using a vcard-like format,
> > and if the libebook vcard parser gets rewritten, I'll see how I can use
> > the rewritten parser. It doesn't look like I can use the one as-is, since
> > it takes an EVCard.
> > 
> well, if we use VJOURNAL, you can just use libical for now as the
> parser, since it already should support VJOURNAL.
> Also, we talked about this on IRC, and using VJOURNAL would allow us to
> provide a journal/blog component, with support for even accessing your
> online blog. VJOURNAL seems to work for notes also, so implementing it
> once only would add support for both things, notes, and journal/blog.

I'm hesitant to want to use VJOURNAL because a VJOURNAL entry is
associated with a specific date, whereas a memo is not. For example,
I'll have memos like "books to read", and then list the books within
that memo, or I could write down some notes from a short meeting I had
with someone, or just some ideas that I thought of over some time (I've
also found it a good place to list Christmas gift ideas for people :) ).

The VJOURNAL example in RFC 2445 seems to imply that the DTSTART tag
is required, but the spec says it's optional. So if I use the VJOURNAL
for memos I could leave out the DTSTART tag so that the memo isn't
associated with a particular date. This would make it possible to add
a journal/blogger like you suggest.

Nathan Owens

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