[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes

1. JP
JP introduced new meeting attendee Cameron.

JP discussed progress towards 1.5.1, its coming along but will be slowed
by vacations.

JP discussed the fact the Tuomas (tigert) is now the UI designer for the

JP discussed doing a 1.4.6 release soon, after we track down an
additional bug with spell checking.

JP discussed continuing to keep on top of the bounty list and the other
work this has generated.  The great news is that a couple of bounties
are in.

2. Team

Rodney: Doing 1.4.6 packages when its ready, doing some solaris related
packaging, continuing work on SpamAssassin packages and minor bug fixes.

Mark: Migration testing, retesting of remaining 1.4.6 problems, another
cycle of general snapshot testing.

Tim: Another complete cycle of testing on a reference platform.  Testing
of S/MIME later in the week as Chris completes fixing bugs reported last

Gerardo: Organizing bug days, top 20 bug reports (by duplicate) and
usual triaging.  Also handling installing a new bugzilla intern in
Mexico for the next 6 months.

Jeff: Vacation

Michael: Vacation

Hans: Restoration of source selector state,  adding source option menu
to contact/task/calendar meeting editor, 1.5.1 bug fixes

Rodrigo: GroupWise work, 1.4.6 alarm daemon fixes

Chris: Fixing problems with LDAP view refreshing, 1.5.1 bug fixing LDAP
bugs and S/MIME user cert importing and using bugs

Radek: Removing of Gal from GtkHTML and bug fixing IM input work in
gtkhtml, vacation

JP: Re-enable meeting control, new icalendar parser work

Dan: Working on soup to provide a fully thread safe synchronous API

Tuomas: Vacation

3. Additional Business 
We might have to find a new meeting time to accommodate the new
Bangalore hackers who I want to participate and someone (hopefully) from
the Sun a11y team.  JP will likely poll people to look for a better

We have to decide soon about requiring GNOME 2.6 for Evolution 1.5.x. 
The main issue is build environments for everyone and for snapshots,
possibly jhbuild and xd-unstable will work though. 

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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