Re: [Evolution-hackers] Addressbook UI thoughts

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 19:08, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 06:28, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
> >
> Nice!

Indeed, it looks great. Anyway, in the vpane, contact names need icons
for IM-status or something else for better viewing pleasure, I think :)

> Yeah I think we should definitely head in that direction for all
> components (mail-on-the-right is very nice in Outlook too).

Well, I'm not really sure about that. It really shrinks the horizontal
size of the message list and it really bothers me for long threads.
Well, you know, it's not that good anyway.

If the thing's going to have a thread view, or something threads
oriented in the message pane at the right, I mean, something usable and
simple enough will beat us all up there.

Anyway, either at the bottom or right pane, great work everybody!
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