Re: [Evolution-hackers] The component buttons mockup

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 12:29, Lea Viljanen wrote:
> > Several sizes of those icons exist, so we could even use 32x32 for added
> > visibility, but then again, I would guess many people have rather tall
> > folder trees above them, so the vertical space is not to be wasted too
> > much :)
> I think it wastes already too much. The less vertical
> space you waste, the better. This is a key usability 
> issue for me. If I really have to scroll the folder 
> list more than now, it negates every "less clicks"
> benefit the added buttons have.


It helps a bit now that the folder tree is split between components -
but most people have a lot of mail folders I guess. But at least your
mail and calendar and contacts are not in the same tree.

What do people think of guenther's idea? It saves quite a lot of space,
which is good, but I am wondering if it is a pain to use (two clicks
instead of one) and it only shows the current tool which sort of hides
the other components from view. Would that be a problem?


Tuomas Kuosmanen :: Art Director, Ximian :: <tigert ximian com>

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