Re: [Evolution-hackers] Filling in the Menu Bar: UI questions

* Aaron Weber <aaron helixcode com> [000605 06:10]:

> Or the Edit menu in the calendar view-- we've got "New Appointment" and
> "New Appointment for Today" and "Preferences" there.  New appointment is
> also under File, but why is the calendar config under "Edit" (which is
> where I look for my prefs, btw), but the Mail Config is under Tools? (A
> wizard is a tool, vs. you edit your preferences,)  And while we're at
> it, can we call it something other than "Preferences," so that it
> doesn't sound so global? can we call it "Calendar Settings" or "Calendar
> Configuration"

On the topic of the calendar, I have a request. Would it be possible to
add a holiday option? Something to the effect of "add holiday" to a
particular day for birthdays, anniversaries, and general holidays. This is
one thing that I find lacking in the current gnome-calendar. 

Just a thought,


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