Re: evince "Drive" from another program?

Hi, and I finally filed a ticket


Jose Aliste <jose aliste gmail com> wrote:

> > Maybe I am using the wrong terms -- I am not familiar with the internals
> > of PDF documents, I am just going by analogy.
> >
> > I have my cursor positioned on a symbol FOO in C/C++/Python/whatever
> > code.  I can type M-. and it takes me to the symbol in source code.
> >
> > I can make up my own Emacs functions, like "browse-symbol" so if I am on
> > symbol FOO, I can translate the symbol FOO to a URL, like
> > "file:///.../xyz.html#label-FOO", then browse-url will take me there.
> >
> > I'd like to do the same thing with evince for a PDF file, so when I am
> > on FOO, I can turn that in to some kind of a command I can send to
> > evince, that evince will now go to "FOO" in the document.  I know
> > there's some kind of internal PDF structure for going to a location in
> > the document.  Right now, I can go to the index and click on the index
> > entry for FOO and it will take me to the page for FOO.
> >
> > I'd like to be able to do the same thing, but have it driven by Emacs
> > rather than my mouse.
> If there is an index entry for what you want to search in the PDF,
> then what you need it to navigate links in the pdf.
> I could probably add a GotoLink method to the /org/gnome/evince/Window
> DBUS interface. Could you please file a bug in so
> that we can track such enhacement?
> Please see the synctex plugin in the gedit-plugins module to get an
> idea of how to control evince using DBUS and python.
> Greetings,
> José

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