Re: evince "Drive" from another program?

> So what I could easily implement is a method so you can search in a
> document from Emacs. Tags I don't think it's that easy to implement.

Maybe I am using the wrong terms -- I am not familiar with the internals
of PDF documents, I am just going by analogy.

I have my cursor positioned on a symbol FOO in C/C++/Python/whatever
code.  I can type M-. and it takes me to the symbol in source code.

I can make up my own Emacs functions, like "browse-symbol" so if I am on
symbol FOO, I can translate the symbol FOO to a URL, like
"file:///.../xyz.html#label-FOO", then browse-url will take me there.

I'd like to do the same thing with evince for a PDF file, so when I am
on FOO, I can turn that in to some kind of a command I can send to
evince, that evince will now go to "FOO" in the document.  I know
there's some kind of internal PDF structure for going to a location in
the document.  Right now, I can go to the index and click on the index
entry for FOO and it will take me to the page for FOO.

I'd like to be able to do the same thing, but have it driven by Emacs
rather than my mouse.

I could probably add a document string "Definition: FOO", "Definition:
BAR", etc., each place so I could search for "Definition: FOO".


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