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Excerpts from Uri Sivan's message of dom mar 07 23:55:33 +0100 2010:
> Hi,

Hi Uri,

sorry for the late reply, for some reason I had missed this email. 

> There's a long-standing bug [1] regarding searching RTL (Arabic, Hebrew) 
> strings in evince. This is because text is laid out "visually" instead 
> of "logically" in PDF, and that is what poppler searches. This is indeed 
> a poppler limitation but as the discussion [2] on 
> explains, it's fiendishly hard to do correctly (essentially, reconstruct 
> logical text from visual).
> A simple workaround that would help Evince users is to change the search 
> string itself from logical to visual before searching. This has no 
> effect on LTR text but flips RTL text so it is searched correctly. It's 
> not the ideal solution but it solves 98% of the problem, and is 
> infinitely better than the user performing the logical-to-visual 
> translation manually when typing in the search string. I can point out 
> some of the remaining issues if necessary.
> I have a working prototype and can finish it and send a patch if this 
> solution is acceptable. It generally amounts to replacing the line

Well, as long as libfribidi is an optional dependency and the
workaround fixed 98% of the problem I think it's quite acceptable. 

> job->text = g_strdup(text);
> in the function ev_job_find_new() with something like:
> job->text = ev_bidi_reorder(text);
> where ev_bidi_reorder() is a small helper function that does 
> logical->visual using libfribidi.
> Uri
> [1], 
> [2]

Carlos Garcia Campos
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