Re: Evince .dvi problem on a network TeX Live install

Hi Denis,

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Denis Bitouzé <dbitouze wanadoo fr> wrote:
> in our department, we manage to install TeX Live on a Samba (Debian)
> server in order to compile .tex files from Windows desktops. On each
> desktop, we installed Evince as a .dvi, .ps and .pdf files viewer.
> Everything goes smoothly for .ps and .pdf files but not for .dvi files
> as Evince looks for a texmf.cnf file in his subdirectories.
> Has someone a workaround for this trouble?

Evince looks for the 'mktexpk' program in the Windows PATH to find
texmf.cnf. So, when you add the location of the TeX Live binaries to
your PATH it might work.

Alternatively you can try to set the environment variable TEXMFCNF on
the Windows desktops to something like this:


(that should be the folder where the texmf.cnf file is located, not
the file itself).

In my experience this can work, but it depends pretty much on the
settings in your texmf.cnf file. It can be difficult to get that right
with a setup like yours. Good luck!

Hib Eris

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