Re: Git issues with Evince repository?

El mié, 07-10-2009 a las 19:20 +0200, Wouter Bolsterlee escribió:

> Thanks for looking into it, and fixing the problem.

Don't mention it :)

> However, it makes me really, really, no, seriously, I mean, *really* sad
> that a client side umask [1] causes Git repository corruption on the
> Gnome infrastructure. I expected Gnome's version control tools to be
> *slightly* less sucking before they were put into production use for a
> large and important project such as Gnome.
> [1] My umask is 077 for a reason. I don't want others to be able to read
> my files by default. That's a very valid reason, and I'm not going to
> change it.

I totally understand your point. I've done some researching and I think
changing the core.sharedRepository on .git/config is a good solution.

I think KaL have some experience with git, so I left this to KaL or any
other git-savyy user from the list.

-- Juanjo


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