Open djvu file under windows

Dear EVINCE team,
I was looking for an alternative to the reader uPDF / SumatraPDF that I use under windows and I found EVINCE. Your program is useful because it allows you to select the text in PDF, unlike the others.
There are some problems rendering images when the zoom is low.

I am writing because I found that your program can also read DjVu files.

2 things should be corrected about the Windows version:

1) The DjVu files are already supported without DjVuLibre backend.I suggest to indicate an "already included in the Win32 version" on page

2) To open DjVu files I had to correct the file
changing the line from
MimeType = image/vnd.djvu
MimeType = application/octet-stream; image/vnd.djvu


One last thing. I know that you have already said in a mailing list, but if it is possible to re-think the chm file support. EVINCE pass from vector file viewer to an ebook reader killer appliication.

Please consider the environment before printing this email

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