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The annotation support it's partly done.

It has been delayed because real life (job, university, home change,
etc..). One of the main problems is my job. It's very time and effort

I could get some more time in the next months to finish the rewrite I
have around. I know that we will have a lot of work at job, so I can't
ensure a roadmap.

The code isn't in the evince code yet, so you can't enable it. The code
I did the last summer, with the old design it's around so, you can try
to apply the patches to get it working.

I don't know how they work, but you can offer a bounty for this feature.
It would help to get the work done.

Jeff escribió:
> Just a few weeks ago, it was still expected that they would fit in 2.24.
> The annotations have been delayed for 2-3 release cycles already. In
> 2.22, I was basically told (IIRC) that there was not much left to do and
> that it would surely fit into 2.24. Urgh!
> It would not be so sad to me if I could dive in and help, but IANAD,
> just someone who needs annotations to Get Work Done (and needs them
> badly enough that he would /pay/ for the blasted feature; if someone
> near Montreal has the knowledge to do implement this, I am offering
> beers, or hugs, or whatever).
> I do understand that the software is Free/free, and that this is not
> necessarily easy or quick to implement, but can we /please/ have some
> kind of roadmap of completeness for this particular feature and stop
> pulling Microsoft-like stunts?
> Is there a way to enable annotations at compile time even though it is
> supposedly unfinished? How "unfinished" is it?
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