Re: Implementing multiple file view( tab swap)

В Сбт, 28/06/2008 в 15:58 +0530, kartik rustagi пишет:
> Well i am a programmer with decent experience in programming with
> c/c++ . Currently i am having my summer vacations going on and was
> thinking of contributing to open source in some way. I have been using
> evince for few years now and feel that it should have the option to
> view multiple page using tab swap. And i want to work for the same.So
> can any developer give me some guidance where to start from(me being a
> novice developer. If there is any other development work in which i
> can contribute in some way, I will be more than willing to help.

Hello Kartik

Thanks for your suggestions, actually tabbed view is not our priority
really. But we have a bunch of tasks we need some help with. Please
check our bug list, probably you'll find something interesting there.

Probably you'd be interested to start with something simple like this
one to became familar with the Evince code:

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