Re: eggfindbar ?

Christian Persch <chpe gnome org> writes:

> It started in evince, then I copied it from there in my Find extension
> for Epiphany. I modified it a bit, but that's now merged back to evince,
> afaik. So I guess both are a good source for the eggfindbar code.
> However:
> I'm currently working on integrating the find bar into Epiphany, and I'm
> _not_ using eggfindbar. Instead, I'm implementing a find bar based on a
> GtkToolbar, like the Yelp find bar. That will make Epiphany and Yelp
> have the same findbar look and feel, so perhaps you'll want to join? :)
> [The code isn't in cvs yet.]

Hi Christian,

What state is EggFindBar in?  I feel like I'm drowning in Egg widgets
and it would be really nice to get one into GTK+.


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