Re: problems with fonts in Epiphany

On Thu, 2010-07-01 at 09:21 +0200, Torsten Behrens wrote:
> I have Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) and I have Epiphany version 2.30.2 on my
> system.  Indeed, I am a bit confused that I cannot change the fonts on
> that version of Epiphany anymore.  This was possible with the previous
> versions of Epiphany but not with 2.30.2    Is this a bug?  

(Note: I'm not a developer, just another user).

It's probably a bug. Font handling seems to have regressed since the
switch to Webkit, it isn't really possible to lock down the font, and
I'm even getting different fonts on different zoom levels in some

See bugs #583697, #615107 and others. 

> And when I activate the "Ad Blocker", I cannot log into my Yahoo Mail
> account and cannot read my Yahoo mails, only when I deactivate the Ad
> Blocker, it's possible for me to do so.   Maybe this also is another
> bug in Epiphany?

The ad blocker is indeed not to be trusted, and is probably in need of
some serious love to function properly.

Supposedly Midori (another WebKitGTK+ browser) has a good adblock
extension, which might be a good fit for Epiphany? 

Sven Arvidsson
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