Re: Share bookmarks with contacts

Hey Guillaume,

El jue, 15-07-2010 a las 14:57 +0200, Guillaume Desmottes escribió:

If this is automatic, would there be any obvious way to control it so
people don't share things by mistake? I guess there will be :)

> I started implementing this as an Epiphany extension but I'm wondering
> if it wouldn't be easier to add it to Epiphany directly (as an optional
> feature as the Avahi bookmarks support is).

I don't think it's a bad idea, Xan is the head honcho though, so he's to
decide ;).

Honestly we could take the chance to nuke the bookmark system once and
for all. We are looking to replace it for years but haven't yet. I bet
you can get immediate approval if you add that to your patch! :P

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