Re: Epiphany interface proposal

Hey Reinouts! :)

Thanks for the feedback.

> Replacing tabbed browsing by something else will undoubtedly unleash a
> storm of critique but that doesn't mean the idea isn't worth
> exploring. :) 

Yes, some people would undoubtedly get upset about it. :D

> I'll need some more time to take a good look at your ideas though.

Great. The issue requires thought. We're dealing with an assortment of
different use cases and kinds of user behaviour.

I'm particularly concerned to identify any uses of tabs which I've
missed, so let me know if you think of any.

If anyone knows of any research in this area (anything relating to
browser usage, tabs, history functionality, etc), it would be great to
add that to the wiki [1].

>  When
> you're on IRC, please drop by on #epiphany and/or #webkit-gtk
> (Freenode). Just yesterday we talked about a modernized default toolbar
> layout.

Oh really?! I tune into #epiphany when I can (I'm aday on I'll be sure to keep an eye on the channel.



GoogleTalk: allanpday gmail com
IRC: aday on

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