Re: Open in new window as default

Hi Mike,

Op dinsdag 15-04-2008 om 22:05 uur [tijdzone +1200], schreef Mike D:

> -The default mode opens documents in a new window. Is it possible
> change this to open in a new tab? 

Go to the GNOME default applications prooperties, web browser, select
the 'open in new tab' radio button.

> An example is when accessing help > about > Gnome webbrowser website
> or a site which opens an external window.

Apparently this URL button doesn't respect the new tab/new window
preference. Please file a bug. :-)

> -When opening a new tab it'd be nice to set the focus to the address
> bar and highlight the text.

This subject has been discussed countless times on this list. Please
search the mail archives and/or bug 105153.

> Are these known issues or requests? I'm very happy with the browser in
> general, I think it's an important application for Gnome.

Thanks! :-)


Reinout van Schouwen

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