Re: Backends - was: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Epiphany

2008-04-02 klockan 17:22 skrev Robert Marcano:
> KHTML/WebKit is a nice piece of work, that can not be negated, but we
> live in a real world, where we face the existence of expensive intranet
> applications being tested and with support for a few browsers, to reach
> the level of support Gecko has now we waited years from our providers,
> that will take years for WebKit based browsers. I believe in choice, and
> choice by the user not only the developer, choice to select your own
> spam filter tools in Evolution, choice in selecting your own file search
> tool in Nautilus, choice to select your own Java runtime in openoffice
> (icedtea, IBM, Sun, etc..). I believe that the user must have a choice
> in selecting what rendering engine she or he wants

With the renewed interest of Firefox on the Gnome desktop I'm not convinced
Epiphany is the application that should offer both choices...

  mvrgr, Wouter

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