Re: Backends - was: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Epiphany

On 2008-04-01, 18:47 GMT, Robert Marcano wrote:
> Why I think Gecko is still important on Epiphany, because the 
> enterprise sector.

As a former KDE (and thus konqueror) user I can just comment that 
situation of support for KHTML/WebKit drastically improved with 
the introduction of Safari. Mac is apparenlty so popular that 
most mainline webservers didn't dare not to test against it. Of 
course, it is not perfect (especially it wasn't perfect with 
regards to AJAX and rich Javascript based sites -- think GMail; 
and it has been two years ago since I switched to Gnome), and 
I had to have firefox installed for few sites which didn't get 
the memo, but I haven't used it for most of the days. Then 
I moved to Gnome and I have to have still installed two browsers, 
although one I wouldn't have to theoretically use at all ;-).


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