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Hi all,
      First of all an apology. Firefox uses both (Alt+D) & (CTRL+L)
while i was trying (CTRL+ I as in India ) . I have only used firefox &
hence am influenced by it pretty much. At some point I might try opera
too but not at this point in time.  So although few or most things may
not jive but still would like a response to them :-

1. Extensions :-

a. FF has all the extensions in the .xpi format. I have used the the
.xpi format strictly as a user . So  for me the .xpi  format is
nothing more than an archive where all the files which are needed for
the extension are in it. Unlike epiphany extensions which are .py &
.extension respectively. A single file/container format makes it much
more easier to install.

b.  On epiphany you have to copy the same to
.gnome2/epiphany/extensions & then reload the browser or restart the
browser. FF extensions however, are also easily installable by just
dragging & dropping the .xpi file anywhere in the browser tab window.
This makes things much  more easier.

c. In FF one can routinely see if the extension has been updated & if
updated can also view the changelog . In epiphany no idea if the
functionality exists or not.

d. in FF one can right-click on any extension & go to their home-page
if one wants to add a comment or give some feedback or something. But
here that functionality seems to be missing.

e. Go to .gnome2/epiphany/extensions & install a third-party
extension. Then restart the browser, Then again go to
./gnome2/epiphany/extensions the difference between the *. python file
(which is part of the extension) and a generated file created as one
uses the extension *. pythonc is only the c . This is different &
probably one has to be more careful. What FF does more often than not
is to give each extension its own folder which things make much more

f. Uninstall :- Whereas firefox gives the option to uninstall all or
any third-party extensions, the only way is to delete the 3 files
including the .pythonc (I'm guessing here) to completely remove the

g. Lastly, there is something called the manifest file which gives
some idea with which version is the extension written in mind. There
is nothing mentioned about that either in the .extension or in the
.python file as well.

2. Logging in to email accounts :- I have 2 email accounts with gmail.
One for official purposes & one for chatting with friends etc. I'm
sure some have more than that no. Now with FF I just need to left
click & it shows me a drop-down list with which username I want to log
in. This is currently not possible with epiphany

I would go on further but then i saw this page & now do understand
that epiphany is an HIG simple browser so perhaps my
questions/concerns are not in the right place. Would like people's
comments on this.

3. Trac :- I'm guessing tht epiphany uses bugzilla to do all its bug
triagining etc. While gnome bugzilla is good, have you guys looked at
trac. I made a small article on it with some history at
please take a look at it if you guys feel like moving to some other
bug-reporting tool

Of course I have not used epiphany as extensively as I have used FF
so I may be way off-base with some of the comments here or don't know
the reasoning behind them, but would like your comments just the same.
- --
         Shirish Agarwal
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