Re: Tab

On 10/27/06, Tommi Komulainen <tommi komulainen iki fi> wrote:
On 10/26/06, Wouter Bolsterlee <uws+gnome xs4all nl> wrote:
> 2006-10-26 klockan 05:15 skrev Zlatkov, Dimitar:
> > There's no reason why when you are typing an URL in GNOME Web Browser
> > and click the Tab button the drop down box doesn't select your
> > entry. Not in linux. Otherwise, excellent browser.
> Tab is reserved for focus switching.

Debatable, depends on situation. Epiphany team decided to prefer using
Tab for focus switching.

        Ctrl-Tab, Shift-Ctrl-Tab -- Moves keyboard focus out of
enclosing widget to next/previous control, in those situations where
Tab alone has another function (e.g. GtkTextView)

        Table 10.13. Standard GNOME keyboard navigation keys for widgets

Fair enough, but the general tone of people is that there is nothing
else that is being used to replace this functionality.  Tab switching,
address selecting... these things are simply not convenient in
Epiphany.  Another minor example is that when you start typing an
address, the rest of the address isn't filled in the address bar;

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