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On 10/26/06, Wouter Bolsterlee <uws+gnome xs4all nl> wrote:
2006-10-26 klockan 05:15 skrev Zlatkov, Dimitar:
> There's no reason why when you are typing an URL in GNOME Web Browser
> and click the Tab button the drop down box doesn't select your
> entry. Not in linux. Otherwise, excellent browser.

Tab is reserved for focus switching.

Debatable, depends on situation. Epiphany team decided to prefer using
Tab for focus switching.

       Ctrl-Tab, Shift-Ctrl-Tab -- Moves keyboard focus out of
enclosing widget to next/previous control, in those situations where
Tab alone has another function (e.g. GtkTextView)

       Table 10.13. Standard GNOME keyboard navigation keys for widgets

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