Re: Extensions -For a better Epiphany-

Kristoffer Lund�wrote:
> On 10/24/06, *Stefan Stuhr* <gnomelists sstuhr dk
> <mailto:gnomelists sstuhr dk>> wrote:
>     > I was considering Epiphany, but unfortunately it does not provide the
>     > extensions that I have been addicted to... such as google lite,
>     adblock,
>     > noscript, user agent switcher, videodownloader and so on...
>     Epiphany actually does have its own adblock extension. AFAIK it doesn't
>     have a GUI for configuration yet, but that shouldn't be a show stopper.
> Does it autoupdate regularily yet, like Filterset.G extension does in
> Firefox? The combination of fresh lists and ability to (un)list manually
> still makes a real difference.


Thanks for the emails everyone sent about this. And thanks for including
me in the CC.

About adblock, as you might guess, gui is important when what's in
question is Desktop Linux :) However, I didn't mean to start a
discussion of "we have this and that extension" or "this epiphany
extension is better than that firefox extension -and vice versa-".

What I meant to say was: it would be nice to get functions that most
popular Firefox extensions provide with new Epiphany extensions, and
distribute these extensions as standard, just like the extensions listed

Thanks :)


PS. For a list of Firefox extensions sorted by popularity, see:

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