Re: Extensions -For a better Epiphany-

tir, 24 10 2006 kl. 01:38 -0400, skrev t u:
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> Hi,
> I have been getting sick of how Firefox developers favor the Windows
> version compared to the "turtle"-like (and I like turtles...) Linux
> version. It has been amazing for me when one day I accidentally fired up
> Firefox in a school computer (uses Windows) and it opened up in a few
> seconds (my computer specs were better than this other computer)... And
> of course, the latest Debian mess, the memory issues, the delay in
> responding to my commands, corrupting profiles etc.
> I was considering Epiphany, but unfortunately it does not provide the
> extensions that I have been addicted to... such as google lite, adblock,
> noscript, user agent switcher, videodownloader and so on...

Epiphany actually does have its own adblock extension. AFAIK it doesn't
have a GUI for configuration yet, but that shouldn't be a show stopper.


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