Re: Epiphany 2.17.2 released

I support that Reinout, Epiphany is GNOME Web Browser. That's fine if people want to use it with other desktops but it should not interfere with Epiphany integration into GNOME, and interaction with other GNOME applications like Nautilus.

On 11/14/06, Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:
Hi Tshepang,

Op di, 14-11-2006 te 07:57 +0200, schreef Tshepang Lekhonkhobe:

> I can't test this release, but please make sure that epiphany won't
> depend on nautilus. I currently run it under fluxbox on an old
> machine. It's the number one memory user on my system, but that's fine
> since it's the best web-browser I've ever used...

I don't know if the patch introduces a hard dependency on Nautilus (I
doubt it). However, we do have dependencies on other GNOME components
and there may be more in the future. From the Epiphany manifesto[1]:

Epiphany also address simplicity with modularity to make a light and
powerful application. If something can be implemented using external
applications or components, we use it rather than wasting resources in
the web browser.

Thanks for using Epiphany! :-)



Reinout van Schouwen

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