Default font sizes are very small

Hello, for as long as I've been trying Epiphany, many sites have been showing up very small fonts - of course these are the sites that don't specify font sizes. This is bad for several reasons, most importantly that people with bad eyesight will have a hard time seeing anything. Also, it makes the sites look different from all other browsers, which generally look about the same, be it Firefox, Opera or IE.

Google search results and Slashdot are two prime examples on what i mean.

On my computers, all I need to do is go to Edit->Preferences->Font & Style->Detailed font settings and change Variable width from 10 to 12, while keeping Fixed width at 10, and it looks a lot better. It's a bit much to expect people to have to find this though.

I suppose it can be distribution specific, if noone else have smaller fonts I'll move on that way and file a bug. Wanted to check with you guys first.

-- Kristoffer

Kristoffer Lundén
kristoffer lunden gmail com
kristoffer lunden gamemaker nu
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