Re: A couple of new tab related extensions

On 6/28/06, Stefan Stuhr <gnomelists sstuhr dk> wrote:
I don't want to add it to the same extension. So I have now made a new
extension that should do what you want. It is at like the others, "Middle Click
Tab Close". It disables scroll on the tab bar, too.

That works just fine, thanks!

I don't know about preferences. I don't want to add too much to the UI,
I like it better when extensions do what I want without being in the
way. And I certainly wouldn't like it if every other extension added a
menu item for their separate preferences dialogs.

True, it's just that the extensions list (which in itself is just a
preferences dialog under another name today...) is starting to get
long. So, if every preference is instead masked as an extension, it
just makes that list unmanageable. I suppose that interface will get
an overhaul though.

Maybe it should be possible to have preferences dialogs for loaded
extension, that could be opened from the extensions manager.

Yeah, that is how - as you know - Firefox does it. I guess either  the
extensions needs to go this way, or  the interface needs some kind of
sorting/sections/tagging so that you can have a LOT of extensions, all
doing one small thing. "Preferences 2", as it were. That doesn't cover
any eventual settings more than activating/deactivating though.

While I do use gedit for text editing, I don't use it in the same way as
a web browser. I am not even sure I want to use such an extension for
gedit. And while gedit does support developing Python extensions, it's
not a thing I want to do currently.

Couldn't hurt to ask, as you figured out how to do it in Epiphany. :)


-- Stoffe

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